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Home » TRANSPORT Cages » Regal Vet-Mate Gurney

It’s a transport table, a prep table, a treatment table, a lift table, a gurney, even an operating table. The Regal Vet-Mate Gurney Lift Table is all this and more! Use it to move anesthetized patients to and from holding cages, or to lift reluctant patients of just about any size up to the right height for treatment.You can even take your Vet-Mate Table outside to meet critical patients as they arrive and quickly transport them inside for treatment. Eliminates the back-breaking lifting often necessary when treating large, heavy or reluctant animals.

This versatile table lowers to just 10.5-in.(26.67cm) above the floor to allow you to maneuver even the heaviest patients onto it with minimal lifting. Or the Vet-Mate Table can be set at cage height, car seat height, treatment height or any height you need up to 42-in. (106.68cm) high to allow you to move patients on and off with the least amount of effort. The scissor-action electric lifting mechanism is operated by a rechargeable battery to smoothly and quietly lift the table no matter where you are inside or outside of your facility. The battery recharges quickly with the built-in charger.

Heavy-gauge tubular stainless steel construction stands up to rugged daily use. All joints are heli-arc welded for superior strength.

Click here for the Regal Vet Mate Product Manual.