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An animal pen system is an important investment in your business. Selecting the right pen system can increase your revenues, build equity in your business and attract customers by offering a good first impression of the quality of your care. The right pen system operates smoothly and looks great for years to come with minimal maintenance and no sour kennel smell.

When you invest in a Total Animal Pen System from Suburban Surgical, you’ll get all this and more. Precision crafted of heavy-duty stainless steel components, our Total Animal Pen Systems are designed to give you a lifetime of unparalleled performance.

Modular components start with 18-gauge-1.25-in. (3.17cm) square Type 304 stainless steel tubular frames. Mitered corners and fully heli-arc welded joints provide strength and durability while ensuring a positive seal against fluids and debris.

Stainless steel grills with uniform, non-glare finish have .2375-in. (.603cm) diameter vertical spokes spaced 1.5-in.(3.81cm) apart and welded at all contact points to the .312-in (.792cm) diameter crossmembers spaced a maximum of 10-in. (25.40cm) apart. The crossmembers and spokes are fully heli-arc circumference welded to the tubular frame at all contact points to keep fluids and debris out of the frame, and eliminate any shifting, racking, or rattling. This unitized design keeps animals safer and healthier while in your care.

Four types of lower panels give you options you won’t get with other pen systems. Choose our most sanitary single wall, sound-deadening double wall stainless steel lower panels, or laminated or fiberglass reinforced lower panels in a color to coordinate with your décor.

Our Total Pen System is uniquely designed with offset-mounted panels to eliminate tight crevices where dirt and debris can get trapped.

Stainless steel mounting hardware features 11-gauge brackets, machined screws, and weld nuts permanently welded to the inside of the tubular frame. This exclusive design guarantees a tight, strip-free connection with superior holding power, and allows you to disassemble, rearrange and reassemble your Pen System at any time and still have a tight, sure connection.

With completely modular components, we can design the perfect Total Animal Pen System to meet your needs. And if the need arises, expanding or relocating your Pen System is no problem. Simply add or subtract components to fit your new space.

Whether you need a completely free-standing system or utilize your facility’s back or side walls, or even desire a system with masonry partitions, we will work with you to create the right system for you.

We can work with your architect’s drawings, or a dimensional drawing with doors and windows indicated. We want your installation to maximize your available space, fit right, set-up smoothly and provide years of trouble-free service to add to your bottom line.

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