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Home » WALL & DOOR Guards

Alum-A-Rail is designed for facilities requiring a wall protection system that eliminates covers, end caps and extra pieces which create hollow spaces for insects and vermin to hide. Each system is manufactured from on-site measurements assuring a custom installation. The Wall Guard is designed to protect walls and wall mounted apparatuses.

Alum-A-Rail components are fabricated of solid 6061T aluminum extrusions. After fabrication, each extrusion is clear sulfuric anodized to mill specification A8625 type II for an easy to clean long lasting finish. Rail sections are continuous with formed inside and outside corners uniformly following the wall's surfaces and contours. Rail ends are formed in and terminated at the wall. The front of each rail section features curved top and bottom edges and a 120 grit satin finish.

The wall bracket's design allows easy cleaning and disinfecting between the surface of the wall and the rails. Different styles and sizes of brackets allow Alum-A-Rail systems to be installed on walls constructed of many types of materials and at various distances from the walls.

Wall brackets mounted on block and concrete walls are held in place with two #16 - 1.50" lg. round phillips head, self tapping screws, zinc plated with #16 PVC masonry anchors.

Wall brackets mounted on drywall are held in place with two .250" - 20 round phillips head, cap screws, zinc plated with zinc plated mollys.

Rails are attached to the wall brackets with .250" - 20 x .750" lg. flat phillips head, machine screws, zinc plated with nylon insert lock nuts, zinc plated.