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Home » Stainless Steel CUBICLES » Vertical Sliding Cubicle Doors

The "TOTAL" Stainless Steel Vertical Sliding Isolation Cubicle Door System consists of:

  • Stainless steel framed door sections with safety glass windows
  • stainless steel jambs
  • a stainless steel header

All door sections slide vertically in individual floating polyethylene seals and recess simultaneously into the header. These door systems are designed so they can be set up free standing with stainless steel panels or attached to masonry walls.

Each door section is framed with 18 gauge 1-1/2" stainless steel seamwelded 5-sided finned tubing mitered at each corner, and continuously heli-arc welded, providing a sealed tubular frame. All welds are polished to a satin finish removing any discoloration. Each door section consists of : 1/4" thick safety glass held in place with a continuous air tight rubber glass setting seal (stainless steel die-formed guide runners are welded to the vertical sides of the door section frame); a 3/32" diameter stranded stainless steel cable and counter-weight attached to both sides; a high density polyethylene horizontal interlocking strip with a rubber insert, forming a seal between all adjoining door sections, the top door section, and the header.

The 12 gauge die-formed stainless steel jambs can be attached to the side of a masonry wall, side by side to the front of a masonry wall, or to the front of stainless steel panels. The jambs are fitted with guides that seal and hold the high density polyethylene floating seals in place. Mounted to the top of each jambs' column is a stainless steel shaft with 3" pulleys riding on ball-bearings that support the counterweights' cables. The linen lined phenolic material pulleys have a cable retaining guard. Each counterweight is guided through stainless steel cavities mounted vertically in the jamb's columns.

Two types of headers are available:

  1. for ceiling height door units consisting of an inner and outer panel. The inner panel has a die-formed lip which forms a seal between the top door section and lower edge of the header. The top edge of the inner panel has a die-formed flange and is attached to the room's ceiling. The outer panel completes the recessed housing for the door sections and is also attached to the room's ceiling. Both panels are attached to the jambs.
  2. for drop ceiling panels consisting of a stainless steel inner channel and outer panel. The inner channel is a die-formed crossmember with a lip, forming a seal between the top door section and header that supports the stainless steel drop ceiling panel. The outer panel is attache to the room's ceiling. Both the inner channel and outer panel are attached to the jambs.