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CENTURION Standard Series Surgery Light

This high-quality light offers features and performance of much more expensive lights. Take the highly efficient single reflector design that assures an optimal, shadow-free surgical environment. Or the flexible mounting options — choose wall-mount, fixed ceiling-mount, the unique ChuttleTrak™ ceiling-mount, or floor-standing models.

All have fully adjustable articulated mounting and extension arms with integral compression spring which allow you to position the lighthead exactly where you need it. Better yet, it stays there without constant manual adjustments to keep it in place. The pre-focused lens, along with an elliptical reflector and an infrared absorbing cylinder, creates a bright, 6-in. (150mm) diameter field of illumination that’s cool, color-corrected and shadow-free. The illumination is equal to 4,000 ft. candle intensity (43,000 lux) at a distance of 36-in. (914mm) with a color temperature of 4,000°Kelvin to give you an accurate view of tissues in the operating field. All models are 110V AC. Models rated for 240V AC are also available, contact your authorized SSCI representative for information.

* Correct ceiling rod length must be determined at time of order. Call your SSCI representative for more information.

P/N Volts/Amps Description Qty.
023005-1-00   Wall Mount CENTURION Standard Surgery Light
023006-1-00 110V AC Mobile CENTURION Standard Surgery Light
023007-1-_ _*   Single Ceiling Mount CENTURION Standard Surgery Light
023008-1-_ _* 110V AC Dual Ceiling-Mount CENTURION Standard Surgery Light
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