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How To Design Prep-Procedure/Treatment Center

Let our design staff create a Prep-Procedure/Treatment Center integrated with our Modular Cabinetry. Using our standard tables and cabinets, we can put together a variety of Prep-Procedure/Treatment/Storage options for your space.

Whether you’re looking for a Prep-Procedure/Treatment Center with or without a Countertop Chase, or want to combine a Treatment or Prep-Procedure Table with Custom Cabinetry, SSCI can help.

Creating the perfect prep-Procedure Treatment Center takes 5 easy steps:

  1. Measure your space.
    Obtain overall width, height and depth of the available space in your facility where you plan to place your Prep-Procedure/Treatment Center. Be sure to allow sufficient room at the end of all of the tables in the Center to work or permit gurney or equipment to clear.
  2. Choose the configuration of your Prep-Procedure/Treatment Center.
    1-Station, inline configuration
    2-Station, inline or  'L' configurations
    3-Station, 'T' configuration
    4-Station, '+' configuration
  3. Specify the Tables.
    Prep-Procedure and Treatment Tables are available in 2 sizes, in a various drawer/door combinations.
  4. Determine the position of any cabinet cutouts you require.
    Countertop Chase is either none or one cutout. Full-Height Chase has many combinations.
  5. Choose the cabinets for your Chase.
    Countertop Chases; specify a Base Cabinet/Countertop and optional Upper Cabinet. Full-Height Chase; specify optional Lower and Upper Cabinets.
  6. Choose the laminate for your Imperial Prep-Procedure/Treatment Center
    All SSCI Laminated Products are available in SSCI standard laminates, SSCI optional laminates, or customer-selected laminates.

Contact your SSCI Representative for to discuss the possibilities.

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