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SSCI: Suburban Surgical Co., Inc.
Designer & Manufacturere of Stainless Steel Health Care Equipment: Hospital Products

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Home » Tables » Prep Procedure Tables

<p><strong>Classic Prep-Procedure Tables</strong> are ideal for wet areas or high humidity areas. Their durable, open, stainless steel construction eliminates places where moisture and bacteria can hide.</p>
<p><strong>Our selection of</strong> Prep-Procedure Tables includes two styles of tubs; choose from a 6 or 18 Single-Depth-style, and a 6/18 Multi-Depth-style. A removable Prep-Procedure Rack, which is designed for a secure fit, is included with each Prep-Procedure Table. All Prep-Procedure Tables are available in two widths; 48-in.(121.92cm) and 60-in. (152.40cm). </p>
<p><strong>Classic Prep-Procedure</strong> Table Bases are available in two styles; Full-width and Recessed-end. Full-width bases have a leg at each corner, Recessed-end bases have a knee-space on either the left or the right. Tub rests in a die-formed frame around the perimeter of the base. Bases tubular crossmember&rsquo;s ends are coped at all junctions, following the circumference of the tubing, creating the strongest joint. Junctions are fully-circumferenced, crevice-free welded, sealing out fluids and debris; creating the strongest, one-piece. The entire base, including the welds are polished to a smooth, satin finish. Each leg is fitted with an adjustable leveler to keep table steady on uneven floors.</p>
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