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Home » Stainless Steel CUBICLES

This Stainless Steel Isolation Cubicle can be used to quarantine animals for diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of disease; physiological and nutritional stabilization of newly received animals; or to conduct clinical tests that mandate measures to avoid cross-contamination to or from adjoining cages and species.

Each isolation unit can be custom designed to fit in the available space of the laboratory. Stainless steel panels are available as options for side walls and ceilings, if the laboratory does not have side walls for the quarantine/isolation area and prefers to have greater versatility and better utilization of space.

The "TOTAL" Stainless Steel Vertical Sliding Isolation Cubicle Door System consists of:

  • Stainless steel framed door sections with safety glass windows
  • stainless steel jambs
  • a stainless steel header.

    All door sections slide vertically in individual floating polyethylene seals and recess simultaneously into the header. These door systems are designed so they can be set up free standing with stainless steel panels or attached to masonry walls.

Cubicles can utilize the building ventilation system or various types of air handling systems engineered and manufactured by SUBURBAN SURGICAL COMPANY.




  • Fluorescent lighting with time and dimmer control
  • Side panels for right or left
  • Top panels for front or sides
  • Air filter system