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Home » GUINEA PIG Cages

This Stainless Steel Suspended Guinea Pig Cage features a electropolished rod front grill with a 3" wide by 5" high card holder and an externally mounted removable feeder.

The cage's inside depth determines the specific rack required. This cage is available with a wire-formed front handle welded to the cage front top or front bottom. The cage is available in various sizes. All cages are fixture welded to insure interchangeability within a given size.




  • Wire formed handle


Stainless Steel Drawer Guinea Pig Cages are available in two types: Type 1 has a solid bottom and Type 2 has a solid bottom with a slide-out litter tray. Both types of cages feature die-formed one-piece wrappers, consisting of sides and bottoms.

The Stainless Steel Angular Rack for Drawer Guinea Pig Cages is fabricated from die-formed angles and channels. The angle uprights' lower ends have caster couplers. The angle
uprights, angle crossmembers, and channel crossmembers are butted at all joints and welded for strength.


  • Stainless Steel watering system with drip troughs
  • CPVC watering system with drip troughs
  • Stainless Steel casters